Flood report, water levels continue to fall

(BBC) April 25, 2000 - Water levels of the Bodrog and Tisza rivers in northern Hungary continue to fall slowly, however, extraordinary flood alert remains in force on a 287-km-long section.

There was no rain on the water catchment areas of the two rivers. The water level at Tokaj stood at 744 cm on Monday [24th April], which was 184 cm less than the peak. The Tisza was still extremely high at the Kiskore Barrage, standing 13 cm higher than the record measured in 1999.

The Bodrog's level at Sarospatak on Monday morning was 572 cm, which was 232 cm lower than the peak.

Levels are also falling on the middle and lower sections of the Tisza, the duty officer of the Lower Tisza Regional Water Management Board, Gabor Kovats, told MTI on Monday. He said snow is still melting in the mountains, however, this has not increased water levels.

The Maros river is slowly swelling on the Romanian areas, which will halt the fall in water levels on the river's Hungarian section. This means another swell of several centimeters is expected at Mako.

The lower Tisza peaked at Szeged on Sunday, with the second highest ever water level of 929 cm. Water levels are falling, albeit very slowly, since the peak: by 9 cm at Csongrad, 7 cm at Mindszent and just 3 cm at Szeged.

Flood prevention work is still in progress in 213 towns and villages in the country's six counties, with nearly 18,000 people working on the dikes.

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