Two Bosnian Muslim volunteers killed in Chechnya

SARAJEVO, Apr 24, 2000 -- (AFP) Two Bosnian citizens were killed fighting as volunteers in Chechnya, Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje reported Sunday.

The Muslim prayer for the dead was said last Friday in Sarajevo for Almir (eds: one name), alias Jasin el Bosnevi, from Sarajevo and Almir Tahirovic from Novi Travnik in central Bosnia, Oslobodjenje said.

Jasin el Bosnevi was killed nine days ago by Russian troops while he and two fellow fighters were trying to leave Chechnya to recover from injuries, according to the daily.

He had left his economic studies and his wife and child six months ago to join Muslim fighters in Chechnya.

Almir Tahirovic, nicknamed Nune, a 26-year-old former soldier of the Bosnian army, was killed in March this year, and is considered to be the first Bosnian killed in Chechnya.

It is still unknown how many Bosnian Muslims left for Chechnya, Oslobodjenje concludes.

Pro-Islamic Bosnian youth, organized in the so-called Active Muslim Youth, have organized several round-tables on how to help Chechnya. In March they organized a peaceful protest in Sarajevo against "Russian terror in Chechnya".

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