Romanian interior ministry presents April flood report

April 21, 2000

(BBC) - The floods from April affected in 16 counties of the country, 8,778 households, the deputy head of the Organizing, Mobilization and Operational Direction within the Interior Ministry [MI], Colonel Ion Constantin Anghel, stated on Thursday [20th April]. He said that over 350 localities were flooded, the waters covering over 70,500 hectares of agricultural lands. Anghel added that nine persons died because of the floods and nine protection dykes were crushed by the waters. A number of 294 bridges were destroyed, two landslides occurred and the traffic was interrupted or difficult on 35 national, county and village roads, Anghel added. The MI started an action of collecting funds and material goods in order to give aid to the flood-affected persons. The funds will be deposited in special accounts, aimed for flood-affected persons and the goods will be transported in the affected areas. The MI participated at the rescue actions with 3,600 policemen, 2,500 gendarmes, 888 firefighters, 150 border policemen and 220 vehicles.

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