Hungary: Flood - 1,661 people evacuated to date

April 21, 2000

(BBC) - So far, a total of 1,661 people have been evacuated in settlements along the flooding Tisza River in east Hungary, where 5,462 houses were in danger on Thursday [20th April], a spokesman for the National Disaster Prevention Directorate, Tibor Dobson, said in a statement to MTI.

Nearly 32,000 professional and voluntary staff are taking part in flood control efforts at 141 settlements, the statement said.

Flood prevention work is now under way only in six counties after concrete flood control has ended and restoration begun in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county.

Relief supplies and offers have been continuously pouring in from abroad, with 16 countries sending 5,844,000 sandbags so far.

Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Poland have also sent rescue teams to help in fighting the floods, including 90 Polish and 30 Ukrainian fire-fighters who left for Szolnok on Thursday.

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