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SARAJEVO, Apr 21, 2000

Moslem-Croat federation DNEVNI AVAZ

The police in the ethnically divided southern town of Mostar issued an arrest warrant for five Bosnian Croats accused of war crimes by a local court.

The Bosnian presidency failed to agree on the distribution of portfolios in an expanded central cabinet.

There will not be a new donors' conference for Bosnia until it has shown some progress in economic reforms and institution building, the European Union's External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten said in Sarajevo.

We will transform ourselves into a modern centrist party, says Zoran Tomic, a spokesman for the main Bosnian Croat party, the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ). OSLOBODJENJE

The lower house of the state parliament adopted amended laws on customs and customs tariffs as was recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They will now have to be approved by the upper house.

The IMF and the World Bank are planning to allocate some $300 million for Bosnia later this year, said Bosnian Serb Finance Minister Novak Kondic who represented Bosnia at the IMF's spring session in Washington D.C.


Both Moslem and Croats want the foreign ministry portfolio and that is blocking the formation of the new Council of Ministers.

Serb republic: GLAS SRPSKI

Bosnian Serb economic professor Mladen Ivanic, whose new centrist party fared surprisingly well in this month's local poll, said he would not accept the post as chairman of the state government.

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