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BELGRADE, Apr 21, 2000


Serbian Science and Technology Minister Branislav Ivkovic said conditions have been created to employ 23,500 workers in small and medium size companies.

Serbian Justice Minister Dragoljub Jankovic said 196 political organizations have been registered in Serbia so far.

A recently established Belgrade-based Association of families whose members were kidnapped in Kosovo said out of 1,200 people kidnapped by the Kosovo Liberation Army since 1998 75 percent went missing since the arrival of the UN peacekeepers in the province. The Association said it had evidences that 472 of those kidnapped are alive and held in ethnic Albanian camps.


Ivkovic said the Serbian government did "not think about scheduling elections", since it was to busy "doing its job".

"The Alliance for Change thinks it would be good to immediately start forming joint election lists and identifying 20,000-30,000 election monitors," opposition leader Milan Protic said."People are not interested in what we are trying to agree upon, they want us to win the elections and enable them to live better after the changes," Protic said.


Yugoslav Telecommunication Minister Ivan Markovic said that "not even God would save transmitters if (the media) do not pay their debts and obtain regular licenses."

The International Committee of the Red Cross said 21 Kosovo Albanians were released from prisons in Serbia on Wednesday.


"I think crown prince Aleksandar (Karadjordjevic) is very important for carrying out changes in Serbia in a peaceful and democratic way," Protic said referring to Thursday's meeting in Athens of the opposition and non-governmental organisations with the crown-prince and Serbian diaspora.


Two miners were killed in a mining accident near Zajecar in eastern Serbia. One body has not been recovered yet and the cause of the accident are still unknown.


Four of some 40 Serbs on hunger strike in Kosovska Mitrovica prison are in a critical condition, doctors of the Pristina Medical School said. The health of a mentally disabled boy, who has been in detention for seven months, has particularly deteriorated.

Montenegro POBJEDA

"In the name of the future of Montenegro and its future relations with Serbia, we should muster our strength to rise above the present unsuitable framework and start talks on new and better relations, even alliances," Montenegrin Foreign Minister Branko Lukovac said.

Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel announced during his visit to the Czech Republic the opening of Slovenia's Information Bureau in Montenegro.


"Today, Montenegro is closer to independence than it was in the last 80 years," Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic told Zagreb daily Vijesnik. He said that too much importance had been given to the Prevlaka issue and that the political climate in Croatia was favorable to resolving the problem within the scope of overall cooperation.


Yugoslav Army Chief of Staff General Nebojsa Pavkovic informed the Yugoslav navy on the current military security situation. He pointed out that pressures on Yugoslavia and the army have continued and the "media aggression" has been intensified.

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