Racan: Tudjman, aides involved in 'robbery'

Apr 20, 2000 -- (RFE/RL) Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan said in Zagreb on 18 April that recordings of conversations between Tudjman and some of his aides indicate that they were involved in "robbery" in the sale of the mass-circulation daily "Vecernji list," "Jutarnji list" reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Zeljka Antunovic added that this was not the only privatization of a firm to be directed by the president's office. Parliamentary speaker Zlatko Tomcic is expected to make further recommendations in the case in the course of 19 April.

Rijeka's "Novi List" called the scandal "Croatia's Watergate affair." The independent daily also speculated as to whether Ivic Pasalic, who heads the Herzegovinian lobby and was Tudjman's top domestic advisor, will wind up in jail once the case goes to court.

He currently enjoys parliamentary immunity. Speculation has centered on the possibility that Pasalic and one of Tudjman's sons actually controlled "Vecernji list."

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