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SKOPJE, Apr 20, 2000


The Director of the Macedonian Bureau of Payment Operations (UJP) Sasko Staninov handed in his resignation for health reasons. The Government appointed the under-secretary in the finance ministry Toni Dimitrovski as his replacement.

The agriculture ministry will start donating between 50 and 150 liters of diesel to Macedonian farmers as part of a program intended to improve agricultural production.

Macedonia will remain a factor of stability in the region, said NATO Commander for Europe General Wesley Clark during his farewell visit to Skopje, where he met with Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski, Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski and Defence Minister Nikola Kljusev.

Bulgarian Defense Minister Bojko Noev and his Macedonian counterpart Nikola Kljusev said the main goal of the two countries were to become NATO members.

Macedonian Public Prosecutor Stavre Djikov was injured in a car accident on the Stip-Veles road on Tuesday night.


OSCE High Commissioner for national minorities Max van der Stoel will present his proposals for solving the disputed issue of the University of Tetovo on Wednesday.

Unless the government meets our demands by April 28 on an an exemption from VAT payments as well as price guarantees, we will stage a protest in front of the offices of the government, the World Bank and IMF offices in Skopje, Chairman of the Farmers Union Veljo Tantarov said.


Editorial: The latest inauguration of a KLA monument in the village of Poroj is the beginning of the realization of the dream for the creation of Greater Albania.

Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski said he would personally ask UNMIK administrator Bernard Kouchner to provide conditions for a safe transport of goods between Macedonia and Montenegro, Montenegrin Parliament Speaker Svetozar Marovic said.


The Vice President of the Democratic Party of Albanians, Menduh Thaqi, said the party would appoint ambassadors in Paris, Rome, Copenhagen, Bern, Ankara, Ljubljana, Cairo and Bucharest, and consular representatives in Ottawa, Bonn and New York.

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