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SARAJEVO, Apr 20, 2000

Moslem-Croat federation DNEVNI AVAZ

Only 458 of 26,468 socially-owned apartments that were claimed by pre-war tenants in Bosnia's Serb republic have been returned so far, said a spokeswoman for international High Representative Wolfgang Petritsch.

The World Bank said its support for this year's donors conference for Bosnia depends on the Balkan country completing all existing economic reform programs, said Foreign Trade Minister Mirsad Kurtovic.

Mladen Ivanic, head of the Party of Democratic Progress which scored well in April local elections, will be the most serious candidate for the position as chairman of Bosnia's Council of Ministers, sources say.

After the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) ruled that Bosnian politicians could not be on the boards of state-owned firms, more than one hundred officials resigned from such posts.


The Ministry for Civil Affairs and Communications said that a single data base for all Bosnian passport holders should be established by June 30.

The World Bank mission in Bosnia denied media reports that it had recommended a reduction of pensions.

Serb republic GLAS SRPSKI

An emergency situation has been declared in several municipalities in eastern Bosnia because of a huge fire near the town of Srebrenica.


The Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) of Mladen Ivanic rejected calls by Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik to join the Sloga coalition. PDP said it would not enter any coalition before autumn general elections.

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