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BELGRADE, Apr 20, 2000


Traitors are working for the interests of our enemies while we are reconstructing the country, said Uros Suvakovic, a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) main board. "The Reconstruction Agency has achieved impressive results, as the living standard of our citizens is much better than in countries blindly copying the U.S. economic model," Suvakovic said.

General Klaus Reinhardt, who handed over his duty to Eurocorps Commander, Lieutenant-General Juan Ortuno, has failed to accomplish any of the missions outlined by UN Security Council Resolution 1244. Reinhardt turned a blind eye on crimes committed bt Kosovo Albanian terrorists.


Serbian opposition leaders have still reached no agreement on a single list of candidates for the upcoming elections. A Serbian Renewal Movement spokesman said the authorities must first call general democratic elections.

Nebojsa Covic, the Democratic Alternative leader and a former ranking Socialist party official, said the authorities would call elections in October and try to dismember the opposition until then. "All the opposition leaders must have in mind that reforms in the country depend on us staying together."

The daily Blic has been acquitted while the independent Beta news agency has been fined 310,000 dinars for violating the controversial media law. The charges were pressed by Goran Matic, the Yugoslav Information Minister and a ranking Yugoslav Left official.


Riza Halimi, the mayor of a southern Serbian municipality populated mainly by ethnic Albanians, said the security situation in southern Serbia was deteriorating again. "It doesn't look good," said Halimi.

Vojislav Zivkovic, a former chief of the SPS Kosovo board, was buried in Smederevo on Tuesday. Zivkovic, also a member of the Serbian delegation at the Rambouillet peace talks, committed suicide in Smederevo on Monday. The funeral was attended by a number of ranking SPS officials.


A former notorious KLA commander was killed in central Pristina on Monday. Several assailants shot Besim Malla, who was wearing a Kosovo Protection Corps uniform at the time of the murder.


The Yugoslav Left has expelled from its ranks Dojcilo Maslovaric, Yugoslavia's hitherto ambassador to the Vatican. Maslovaric refused to return to Yugoslavia and said he wanted to stay in Italy for private reasons.

The Socialists fear erosion in their own ranks, said Democratic Party leader Zoran Djindjic. "The final scenario is a general strike rallying two million people who have made it clear they will no longer stand for what is going on," Djindjic said.

Montenegro POBJEDA

"Montenegro is doing a lot for peace in the region and therefore has our support," Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski said after a meeting with Montenegrin Parliament speaker Svetozar Marovic.

"The Yugoslav Army's (VJ) seventh battalion is a textbook example of a paramilitary formation in Montenegro. Its only purpose is to abuse the VJ infrastructure," Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic said.


Colonel-General Nebojsa Pavkovic, the Yugoslav Army Chief of Staff, carried out an inspection of the Yugoslav Army's airforce and anti-aircraft defense at Podgorica's Golubovci airfield.

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