Serbs probably target of Kosovo rocket attack

PRISTINA, Apr 20, 2000 -- (Reuters) Police believe Serbs were the intended target of a rocket attack in the center of the Kosovo capital Pristina this week, the province's United Nations-led administration said on Wednesday.

Two members of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority were slightly injured in the attack late on Monday night.

But the real target was probably another apartment in the same building which was home to several Serbs, the UN said. The building also housed the office of a Serb journalist who is a member of one of Kosovo's postwar transitional institutions.

"It is very likely, according to the police, that the rocket was intended for an apartment which houses Serbs and which was used by Miss Sonja Nikolic, a member of the Kosovo Transitional Council, as an office," UN spokeswoman Nadia Younes said.

The attack took place in a street just off the main thoroughfare in Pristina, a city heavily patrolled by members of the NATO-led peacekeeping force and international police.

Since NATO and the UN took over responsibility for Kosovo last June, Serbs have been the target of numerous attacks by ethnic Albanians angry at years of Serb repression.

Monday's attack came just hours after a commander of the now-disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army was killed in a shootout, also in the center of the capital.

Younes told a regular news briefing the incident was believed to have been sparked by a dispute over property.

Alarmed by the incidents, top international officials in Kosovo and local politicians agreed on a statement late on Tuesday condemning the recent attacks and calling on everyone in the territory to renounce violence.

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