Local Press Digest


TIRANA, Apr 19, 2000


Top Albanian drug smugglers, who had avoided arrest in Albania despite being known to the police, have been arrested in Italy and Greece.

Bexhet Pacolli, the Albanian owner of Swiss-based construction firm Mabetex, said he will invest 30 million dollars in tourism in Albania.

Russia blocked Albania's proposals to establish a liaison office in Kosovo and a pan-Albanian television station at a meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

President Rexhep Meidani said that the final status of Kosovo should be discussed only after life has returned to normal and institutions have been built by the UN

The ruling Socialist Party will hold a rally soon in response to opposition Democratic Party rallies, which have been drawing larger crowds since the end of March.

Albanian soldiers will receive as many calories as NATO soldiers after their diet of tea and beans was replaced with meat, vegetables, sweets and fruits.


Lefter Cenaj, wanted in Albania for running a failed pyramid investment scheme, has been arrested in Greece for money laundering.

The defense ministry wants to build radar systems to control its waters. It hopes to get the money from the European Union's Stability Pact.


Albania will privatize its smaller hydropower stations but not the big hydroelectric systems.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has offered 30 million dollars to modernize Albania's state-owned fixed-phone company Albtelecom, due to be privatized this year.

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