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SARAJEVO, Apr 19, 2000

Moslem-Croat federation

The World Bank might block a $50 million credit to Bosnia if the federation fails to reduce pension costs, which the bank said are too high because companies and institutions do not contribute as much as they should to the state pension fund.

A World Bank delegation will come to Bosnia next week to discuss reconstruction projects in the areas of water and power supply, education and transportation.

We expect more Austrian investors to come to Bosnia next year, said a trade adviser at the Austrian embassy in Sarajevo.


The general manager of the Evropa-Garni hotel bought it for 5.1 million marka ($2.5 million).

The ruling Moslem and Croat parties in the federation, the SDA and HDZ respectively, have announced a number of changes on the local party level following this month's municipal vote.

Sixteen companies failed to pay customs duties totaling 46 million Bosnian marka, customs authorities said.

Twenty-four Bosnians are wanted by the international police Interpol for various crimes, including war crimes.

The government might hike the price of gas by some 20 percent, government sources say.


The French company Lafarge will file a complaint to the privatization authorities following last month's sale of the Kakanj cement plant to Germany's Heidelberger Zement for 55 million marka. Lafarge says the two companies were not equally treated in the bidding process.

Serb republic

The Bosnian Serb government extended the deadline for citizens to register for the privatization of state assets.

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