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BELGRADE, Apr 19, 2000


"Organizers of the Belgrade opposition rally should be criminally prosecuted," World War II veterans said in a statement.

"Veterans of New Belgrade demand legal actions against opposition leaders to prevent them from spreading any more lies," another veteran organization said. Both statements were carried as top political articles.

"Some of miserable and frustrated speakers have been offending Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and his wife Mirjana Markovic, which is a criminal act and a worldwide blamage," the Yugoslav Left (JUL) of Kosovska Mitrovica said.

"Non-government organizations are the legalized offices of the CIA, a new form of breaking political and patriotic unity of our citizens," JUL from Pirot said.

"Terrorists who attacked premises of JUL and SPS aimed their guns at symbols of the reconstruction and rebuilding. The investigation will show the attacks came from the NATO-parties," said Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic of the SPS executive board.

"The Americans are training 250 Albanian terrorists, recruited by the CIA, in their military base near Urosevac to provoke incidents in southern Serbia and attack KFOR personnel," state news agency Tanjug said in an analysis.


Vojislav Zivkovic, the former head of the Kosovo branch of the Socialist Party of Serbia, has committed suicide in his family home in Smederevo.

"We will keep up pressure on the regime - with rallies, gatherings and open discussions - to make them stop the terror on the citizens," Ognjen Pribicevic, political advisor to the president of the Serbian Renewal Movement, said.

A delegation of the Kosovo Serb National Council headed by Bishop Artemije started an official visit to Russia. The delegation is expected to meet Russian senior officials including Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, the paper said.

The Alliance for Change will launch their door-to-door campaign to present their political views and lists of candidates, coordinator of the grouping Vladan Batic said.

Federal Information Minister Goran Matic sued independent news agency Beta and daily Blic under the Serbian Information Law over their reports on recent protests of the students' movement Otpor (Resistance).

Serbian power company needs some 250 million German marks for essential repairs and maintenance, a company source said.

"I don't believe the regime will try solving the problem by opening a new violent crisis. It will rather offer election conditions the opposition would not accept," Srbobran Brankovic, a political analyst, said commenting results of the joint opposition rally held last week.

Retired top army generals of the former socialist Yugoslavia are facing possible charges of the International War Crimes Tribunal, but if any one of them had committed any crime he should be tried in Serbia, an analysis said.

Pro-government daily Politika is being distributed free of charge at refugee accommodation centers in Nis.


A group of 144 ethnic Albanians will on Tuesday stand trial in Nis. They are charged of conspiring to commit subversive activity.

A group of armed Albanians on Saturday night attacked a Serbian police patrol near the administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia.

Opposition parties will meet by the end of the week to define their common strategy and new actions in their attempt to topple Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.


"Differences between Podgorica and Belgrade are making the situation in Montenegro something to be worried about," Brian Donelly, the UK ambassador to Yugoslavia said in his farewell speech.

"Montenegro and Macedonia are expecting a peaceful resolution to the current crisis in the region," Montenegrin parliament speaker Svetozar Marovic told a news conference.


The military police arrested Yugoslav Army Collonel Vasilije Knezevic over corruption charges, the paper quoted its Army sources as saying.

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