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ZAGREB, Apr 18, 2000


New constitution could take effect in a month, says Veljko Mratovic, chief of an expert legal commission drafting a proposal.

Car dealer Pavo Zubak and a manager of construction firm Montmontaza Ivica Nuic admit they are the real owners of Vecernji List. Parliamentary commission investigating the sale of the daily will call them to testify.

I was replaced because of my political involvement, says Josko Moric, new member of Mate Granic's Democratic Centre.

A seven-store villa built without permission in a posh residential area of Zagreb to be knocked down today in the first step towards bringing order in the city's chaotic construction scene.

More expensive petrol initiated an invisible price hike that increased the average cost of living for a three-member family, as calculated by Vecernji, by 286 kuna to 4,930 kuna.

Croatian telecommunications start offering previously unavailable ISDN service.


It is our duty to ask for forgiveness from victims of fascist terror, says Culture Minister Antun Vujic during a commemoration in the Nazi concentration camp Jasenovac.

Supervisory board of construction firm Montmontaza says they did not have a clue that director of their Germany subsidiary Ivica Nuic bought a stake in Vecernji List daily two years ago.

War veterans from all over Croatia called to take part in protests against the Hague court's investigation in Gospic.

New documents show that the war-time government of former prime minister Franjo Greguric knew about crimes against Serb civilians in Sisak, Karlovac and Pakrac.

Some 90 percent of Rijeka firms have their bank accounts blocked.


Last year sanitary inspection discovered 700,000 tonnes of meat which had failed to pass health standards.

Former prime minister Franjo Greguric says he knew about the events in Gospic in 1991, and that Tudjman was informed as well.

Government's plan to pay back nine billion kuna of old debt sends a good message to foreign investors.


The names of generals who falsified their war invalid status still not known.


President Stipe Mesic and Premier Ivica Racan have resolved their disputes over a cup of coffee.

Citizens have reported more than 700 false war invalids, says Minister for War Veterans Ivica Pancic.

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