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SARAJEVO, Apr 18, 2000

Newspapers published in the Moslem-Croat federation:

The government will not lower pensions as was requested by the World Bank, a government source said, despite the bank's warning that it would not release new funds if the deficit in the pension fund was not reduced.

Twelve Bosnian policemen left on Sunday morning to take part in the UN peacekeeping operation as the first multi-ethnic Bosnian mission abroad.

The Bosnian Serb Socialist party, a former member of the ruling pro-Western Sloga coalition, is facing a crisis after some of its deputies and members left to form a new party.

Soccer: The Bosnian Serb soccer association said it would ask the state presidency to give its opinion on the decision of the new Bosnian soccer body (NSBIH) to prevent Bosnian Serb teams from taking part in this year's qualifier for European cups.

The NSBIH decided to punish the Bosnian Serb association after its representatives failed to attend a NSBIH assembly last weekend where a restructured, country-wide soccer body was to be formed, NSBIH officials said.

Editorial: Croatia's new authorities have not conditioned their cooperation with The Hague tribunal, but have bravely faced the country's legacy from the recent wars.


Moslem deputies in the Bosnian Serb parliament asked peace officials to prevent the sell-off of state assets in the entity, which they said is conducted on ethnic principles.


The presidency is expected to name the new prime minister-designate on Wednesday, sources say.

Newspapers published in the Serb republic:

The NSBIH decision was the result of their "take it or leave it" policy which the Bosnian Serb soccer officials could not accept, the daily said in an editorial.

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