Did the 1991 Croatian government know of massacres?

Apr 17, 2000

(RFE/RL) Franjo Greguric, who was prime minister of Croatia's 1991-1992 wartime government of national unity, said in Zagreb that there were neither concentration camps nor "liquidations" on the Croatian side during that time.

He added that there was no "official information" within the government about executions of Serbian civilians, "Jutarnji list" reported on 14 April. Greguric stressed that his cabinet even had one Serb in it and that one should recall that it operated under wartime conditions.

Urging "more understanding and objectivity," he argued that charges of atrocities against Serbs call into question whether it was necessary to establish an independent Croatia. One should always remember that Croatia had no choice but to leave Milosevic's Yugoslavia, Greguric concluded.

Serbian Politician Says 'Yes' Elsewhere in Zagreb, Milan Djukic of the Serbian People's Party argued that Greguric, President Franjo Tudjman, and other top leaders did indeed know of the 1991 killings in Gospic. Among the others Djukic mentioned who are still active in politics: Stipe Mesic, Drazen Budisa, Zdravko Tomac, Mate Granic, and Josip Manolic, "Novi List" reported on 14 April.

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