Local Press Digest


SKOPJE, Apr 14, 2000


Prime Minister Ljubco Georgijevski told the employees of the loss-making FENI Kavadarci company the government was no longer in the position to allocate means for their salaries from the budget. He added the World Bank would further evaluate whether it was still feasible to privatize the company.

Macedonian police detained 30 drunken KFOR troops for public misconduct in Skopje on Wednesday.


The government intends to invest $921 million in the country's economic infrastructure over the next two years, as part of a mid-term program for investments in the public sector.

The National Bank Vice-Governor said Macedonia could expect a lot more financial support from Stability Pact donors if it started genuine reforms. The country received $180 million at the first donors conference in Brussels.


The British government donated 150,000 German marks worth of equipment to the Orthopedic clinic in Skopje.

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