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SARAJEVO, Apr 14, 2000


Preliminary election results showed the opposition Social Democratic Party was ahead in 17 predominantly Moslem municipalities, the ruling Social Democratic Action was leading in 21 municipalities and in a further seven in coalition.

The Social Democratic Party said it would not form a post-election coalition while the Party of Democratic Action said it was open for coalitions with all pro-Bosnian parties.

The nationalist Serb Democratic Party maintained its strong showing in Bosnia's Serb republic, while the Bosnian branch of the nationalist Croatian Democratic Union was leading in 24 majority Croat municipalities.

The lower house of Bosnia's state parliament adopted a long-awaited draft law on the country's Council of Ministers.

The head of the European Commission office to Bosnia, Hans Jorg Kretschmer, said Bosnia needed an election law, a law on public services, a common passport and a proper payment system if it wanted to start negotiations with the European Union.

The Office of the international High Representative to Bosnia said it expected a declaration on the education system reform to be signed on May 10.

The Sarajevo cantonal privatization agency said that 72 companies have been sold-off so far, collecting some 88.4 million Bosnia marka ($43.3 million).

Italian fashion company Benetton agreed to participate in the privatization of a state-owned department store in central Sarajevo. According to the cantonal privatization agency, Benetton is ready to invest up to 50 million Bosnian marka.


The lower house of the federation parliament failed to extend a May 6 deadline for the purchase of state-owned apartments.

Public share offerings in some 1,016 firms estimated at 18.4 billion Bosnian marka are due to be published on May 15 and would last at least two months, the federation privatization agency said.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said that final verification of tender ballots may be completed on Friday.


Lower house of the federation parliament adopted a law on public corporations which would enable implementation of a 60 million euro credit arrangement with the European Union aimed at development of the country's railway sector.

Newspapers published in Bosnia's Serb republic


Air Srpska reinstated flights between Banja Luka and Belgrade after almost a year-long break caused by NATO bombings against neighboring Yugoslavia.

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