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SKOPJE, Apr 13, 2000


A high-level Macedonian delegation, headed by Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski, agreed in Ukraine the two countries would sign a free trade agreement in July.

More than one hundred computer and telecommunications companies from 12 countries presented their products in the Infokom 2000 high technologies fair in Skopje.


The Deputy President of the Democratic Party of Albanians, Menduh Thaci, said relations with their partners in the ruling coalition were not that good, and that Albanians could leave the coalition if they are not given more leading posts.

The opposition Social Democratic Alliance accused the government of hiding an OSCE report on last year's presidential elections to hide that President Boris Trajkovski was elected by fraud.


The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) had threatened to use all means to free its commander Xhavit Hasani, and did so by kidnapping Macedonian soldiers, but the Macedonian Intelligence Agency turned a blind eye, the newspaper said in a commentary.


The opposition SDSM is demanding resignation of Justice Minister Xhavdet Nasufi, Defense Minister Nikola Kljusev and the Public Prosecutor Stavre Djikov, over the trade of Macedonian soldiers for the KLA commander Xhavit Hasani.


Hasani's lawyer said his client was in Macedonia and would stand trial for an attempted murder.

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