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SARAJEVO, Apr 13, 2000


The federation government agreed to extend once again the deadline for sell-off of socially-owned apartments by four months to September 6. The original deadline was March 6.

The lower house of the federation parliament did not approve the government's political program for 2000, and rejected the nominations of five new ministers, bringing into question confidence in the government.

According to the federation agency for domestic payment operations, the accounts of some 4,400 federation companies have been blocked due to debts of 523 million marka ($256.4 million).

The UN mission in Bosnia said it had identified 182 victims of trafficking in women, most of them from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and other eastern European countries.

The impression created in the Serb republic that the Serb Democratic Party (SDS) won local elections is wrong, said Bosnian Serb Prime Minister Milorad Dodik, alleging that SDS has lost power comparing to 1997 local elections.

Out-of-country votes, absentee ballots and tender ballots can dramatically change the results of the elections, said spokeswoman Tanya Domi for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Bosniaks (Bosnian Moslems) have shown a very high level of political maturity in these elections, said Ivo Komsic, president of the Croatian National Council.


The Moslem Party of Democratic Action (SDA) said it would not recognize the election results based on the out-of-country votes, absentee ballots and tender ballots, alleging there was irregularity in the way they were counted.

The lower house of the federation parliament adopted a law on the formation of public corporations in the fields of transportation and communications.

According to preliminary election results published by the OSCE for 91 municipalities in Bosnia's two regions, the SDS is leading in 34 municipalities in the Serb republic, while HDZ is leading in 20 federation municipalities.

SDA won majority in 17, and Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 9 municipalities of the federation.

There are still some 13,000 mine fields containing about 200,000 mines in the federation, said the Mine Action Center. Only last year, there were 46 mine explosions in the Sarajevo canton, wounding 19 people.


The Sarajevo cantonal government discussed the disputed sell-off of the hotel Holiday Inn.


Mayors in the Serb republic will in the future be elected directly by citizens, said Bosnian Serb Administration Minister Ostoja Kremenovic.

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