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BELGRADE, Apr 13, 2000


Serbian Parliament passed the law on electing deputies to the Chamber of Republics, envisaging the proportional system for the election of members of the 40-strong upper house of federal parliament.

"Defending itself, Yugoslavia was defending the rest of the world," a Chinese official said during a meeting with a visiting delegation of the Yugoslav Left (JUL).

"Maybe Mr. (Zoran) Djindjic and his democrats were successful in the disciplines of remote targeting of Serbian kindergartens and bridges, but they have never done anything for real sport," the sports committee of JUL said.


A blast damaged the headquarters of the local branch of the Belgrade Socialist Party on Tuesday evening.

Democratic Party leader Zoran Djindjic accepted the invitation to take part in the state television's talk show to be aired on Wednesday evening, while his counterpart Vuk Draskovic of the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) turned it down.

"This is an opportunity for someone from the opposition to try to explain our positions after more than five years," Djindjic explained his reasons for accepting state TV's offer.

A group of youth opposition activists and members of students movement Otpor (Resistance) will march 50 kilometers from Novi Sad on Thursday to attend the Belgrade opposition rally.


"Our strength lies not in the speakers but in the number of participants," Ivan Kovacevic of SPO commented the recent disputes over the opposition leaders' order of appearance at the April 14 joint opposition rally.

The pro-government Politika television called its audience to stay tuned for a round-the-clock film marathon it prepared for April 14.

"Let them take it, we are not paying any more fines," director of the opposition-controlled Belgrade TV Studio B Dragan Kojadinovic said. After refusing to pay the information law fine, the station is waiting for confiscation of equipment.


"This is the Serbian community's first act of good will. We expect better security conditions for Kosovo Serbs," Serb observer in Kosovo's international institutions Rada Trajkovic said.

Belgrade police department has still neither approved nor denied the opposition rally scheduled for Friday.

State news agency Tanjug sued the paper under the Serbian Information Law, demanding one million Dinars of fine.


"Anger grows over the traitorous decision by a number of Serbs to enter Kouchner's Kosovo government," an article said.

"A terrorist act of the fifth column," the paper commented the blast that blew away the windows of the Belgrade local branch of the ruling Socialist Party.



Montenegrin parliament will discuss the proposal for the forming of a commission to supervise the privatization process.


Deputy President of the pro-Milosevic Socialist People's Party Predrag Bulatovic left the party's meeting after it decided to run the local elections together with Yugoslav Left.

"Slovenian government decided to open its cultural-information center in Podgorica," Janko Razgorsek Slovenian Tourism Minister told the paper.

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