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Macedonia - SKOPJE, Apr 11, 2000


Macedonian Justice Ministry is finalizing the Law on Administrative Retirement. It is expected that ministers, judges, teachers and university professor will be excluded from the law.

During the visit to Ukraine, Macedonian government delegation headed by Prime Minister Ljubco Georgievski is expected to sign the agreements with Ukraine on tourism, consular matters and legal aid in civil matters.


Defense Minister Nikola Kljusev claims that the crucial thing was the four soldiers have returned to Macedonia uninjured and in good health, but also warned that similar incidents were possible in the future. He discarded claims by the press that the government traded the KLA commander Xhavid Hasani for the soldiers.

Liberal Party demanded resignations of Kljusev, head of police Dosta Dumovska and Justice Minister Xheved Nasufi due to the incident with Hasani.

Montenegro will soon open a representative office in Macedonia. Recently, Macedonia decided to open a general consulate in Montenegro.

Three individuals armed with automatic rifles robbed on Saturday a vehicle on the road Debar-Struga near the village of Otisani, 1.5 km from the Albanian border.


Deputy president of the ethnic Albanians party DPA, Menduh Tachi, stated that the media in Macedonia are unnecessarily dramatizing the case of Hasani.


Uncertainty and the lack of security are becoming common in Macedonia, the paper commented and raised a question whether "there is anyone in the state who can guarantee us safety".

The new open-hart surgery center carried out 21 successful operations in a month.

According to official data, 13,559 Kosovo refugees remained in Macedonia, out of which 7,000 are Albanians and the rest are Romanies and other nationalities.

The paper accused the opposition of sleeping and said it was more important for the SDAM MPs to speak during the prime time coverage of parliament sessions than to raise topics which would truly challange the government.


In accordance with the agreement on cooperation between Macedonian and German governments, the German Credit Bank allocated 13 million German marks of credit to Macedonia in support of small and medium-size companies.

Taiwan government will donate US $8.5 million for building the apartments and social welfare.

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