Several regions suffering after Romania floods

BUCHAREST, Apr 10, 2000 -- (AFP) Floodwaters cover several thousand hectares (acres) of land in western Romania after several days of storms that have killed at least four people, the government said Sunday.

But the waters were beginning to subside and the levels of most of the main rivers, apart from the Mures and the Tirnava Mica in the centre of the country, were lowering, the water ministry said.

Two people are still missing after the storms, according to official estimates.

About 10 roads and railway lines in the Arad and Timis regions in the west of the country were still under water at several points, the transport ministry said.

Defence Minister Sorin Frunzaverde on Sunday visited the western region of Caras Severin, worst hit by the floods, and called for major funding for the region to pay for the repairs needed.

Some 300 towns and villages in 10 different regions were hit by the storms, which left 30,000 hectares (74,000 acres) submerged.

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