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SKOPJE, Apr 7, 2000 -- (Reuters)


The Council of Europe assembly will abolish the monitoring mission in the Republic of Macedonia.

A Macedonian delegation in Brussels, consisting of the Deputy Prime Minister Vasil Tupurkovski, Foreign Minister Aleksandar Dimitrov and Ambassador Jovan Tegovski, started talks with the European Union on the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

Croatian President Stjepan Mesic arrived on his first official two-day visit to Macedonia on Wednesday. During his stay, President Mesic will meet his Macedonian counterpart and other Macedonian officials.

At the meeting with KFOR commander Klaus Reinhardt, President Boris Trajkovski condemned the kidnapping of Macedonian soldiers on the border with Kosovo and requested better monitoring of the border by KFOR.

"We never negotiated with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) concerning the release of Macedonian soldiers," said Defence Minister Nikola Kljusev.


Newspaper sources said the leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians Arben Xhaferi was directly involved in the release of Macedonian soldiers by the KLA and of the handing over by Macedonian authorities of KLA commander Xhavit Asani (after bail of 200,000 German marks was paid).

Macedonian power company Elektrostopanstvo Makedonija and the British ENRON, signed a memorandum of understanding, which will create conditions for joint investment in Macedonia.

Macedonian police confiscated 11.5 kilograms of marijuana, which was being transported from Bulgaria and destined to be sold in Macedonia.


"The kidnapping of Macedonian soldiers was done by KLA units which operate inside Macedonian territory," said former Defense Minister Lazar Kitanovski, a member the opposition SDSM (Social Democratic Alliance).

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