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SOFIA, Apr 6, 2000 -- (Reuters)


A total of 98 percent of Bulgarian citizens' deposits in local banks are below 1,000 levs ($495), said Mileti Mladenov who heads the Deposit Guarantee Fund, an interbank institution protecting savings in case of bank bankruptcy.

A total of 7,000 coal miners will be laid off by end-2000 following closure of loss-making pits, government officials told parliament's Energy Committee.

Libyan authorities on Wednesday withdrew for a second time a permission for a meeting between Bulgarian president's envoy, lawyer Hristo Danov, and six Bulgarian medics charged with intentionally infecting 393 Libyan children with the HIV virus that causes AIDS. The six medics worked at a hospital in Benghazi and will stand trial in Libya on April 30.


Bulgaria's opposition Euroleft party said it would not support amendments to local legislation linked to the sale of state telecom monopoly BTC to a consortium of Greek OTE and Dutch KPN and sought by the potential buyer. The party suggested that a parliamentary commission was set up to study the deal.

The center-right majority in parliament is seen backing the changes.


U.S. Ambassador to Sofia Richard Miles met with Ahmed Dogan, leader of Bulgarian ethnic Turks' Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) to discuss situation in the region and Bulgaria's role in the Balkans. MRF forms the third force in Bulgarian parliament.


Prime Minister Ivan Kostov temporarily suspended government adviser on EU integration Marin Marinov, pending completion of a criminal investigation into Marinov's deeds as a deputy industry minister from May 1997 to mid-December 1999.

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