Macedonia demands KFOR tightens border control

SKOPJE, Apr 6, 2000 -- (Reuters) Macedonia on Wednesday demanded that NATO-led peacekeepers tighten control of the porous border dividing the country and the troubled Yugoslav province of Kosovo.

The demand followed an incident over the weekend when four Macedonian soldiers who crossed into Kosovo were captured by unidentified people, kept for several hours and then set free to go back to Macedonia.

A statement from Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski's office said the president had met KFOR commander, General Klaus Reinhardt, to express the country's concern with the incident and to demand KFOR improve its border control.

Kosovo's borders, with Macedonia in the south and Serbia in the north, are under control of the NATO-led troops.

"I will not allow Kosovo to become a safe haven for bandits and criminals and we will undertake measures to prevent that," Reinhardt told reporters after meeting Trajkovski.

"Unfortunately we have no independent information about this incident," Reinhardt said, adding KFOR planned to start an investigation.

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