Nato chief warns of 'failure' in Kosovo

STOCKHOLM, Mar 30, 2000 -- (AFP) NATO will fail to establish peace in Kosovo if it does not get more help setting up a civilian administration, NATO Secretary General George Robertson warned here Thursday.

"One of the scenarios is that we don't provide enough on the civilian side -- enough police, enough prosecutors and judges -- we don't make the investment in the establishment of an administration," he told journalists.

"In that case we will fail" to achieve NATO objectives in Kosovo, Robertson said following talks with Swedish defense officials.

The civilian leader of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), reiterating remarks he made on a trip to Kosovo earlier this month, said alliance efforts to bring peace to the Serbian province were "on a razor's edge" between success and failure.

"It's quite possible that we could fail and therefore the whole world will fail. That is why it is important that the resources are put in order to back up the commitment and dedication of the peacekeepers."

"It's for the international community to make the decision as to whether they want it to succeed and whether they're willing to back up fine words with sufficient financial resources," Robertson said.

Robertson and the NATO commander, US General Wesley Clark, visited Kosovo on March 24 to mark the anniversary of the alliance's air campaign against Serbian forces there.

But the two leaders cancelled a planned visit to the flashpoint town of Kosovska Mitrovica, citing "operational reasons," although press reports later said the reason was concern for their security.

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