Milosevic cannot be underestimated - Dienstbier   [not happy with this headline - JJ]

BELGRADE, March 21 (CTK) - The international community has to start fulfilling what it promised to Kosovo and create conditions for security and multiethnic democratic society there, U.N. human rights special rapporteur for former Yugoslavia Jiri Dienstbier told CTK today.

The fulfillment of promises of the international community is one of the two basic conditions for democratization in Yugoslavia, said Dienstbier, Czechoslovakia's first post- communist foreign minister, at the end of his 10-day tour of Yugoslavia. The second condition is the abolition of sanctions against Yugoslavia, he added. Dienstbier said that the non-fulfilling of the conditions only worsens the position of the Serbian opposition but, on the other hand, helps Slobodan Milosevic's regime.

"To underestimate Milosevic is nonsense. He is a first-class tactician," Dienstbier stressed.

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