Serbian court frees six Kosovo Albanians convicted of terrorism

By William Ickes

March 17, 2000

(AFP) - Six Kosovo Albanians, sentenced by a Serb court to 15 months in prison on terrorism charges, were freed Thursday as they had spent the same period in jail awaiting trial, the Beta news agency reported.

The six were found guilty by a court in Pozarevac, hometown of President Slobodan Milosevic, of belonging to the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) which fought for the independence of Kosovo and its ethnic Albanian majority, the agency said.

The KLA has been officially demilitarised since September last year and transformed into a UN-sponsored civilian police unit, the Kosovo Protection Corps.

More than 400 Albanians have been released since mid-June, when Belgrade transferred about 2,050 prisoners from Kosovo as it withdrew from the southern province in the face of NATO air attacks, the International Committee for the Red Cross said.

According to the Belgrade-based non-government group Humanitarian Law Center, some 1,300 Kosovo Albanians are still being held in Serbia on terrorism charges.

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