Serb man shot dead by Kosovo Albanians

PRISTINA, Mar 13, 2000 -- (Reuters) A 29-year-old Serb man has been shot dead near the Kosovo capital Pristina, international authorities said on Sunday.

British troops reported that the man had gone out to work in a field on Saturday when he was attacked and murdered by ethnic Albanian men, the NATO-led KFOR peacekeeping force said.

Kosovo's United Nations police force said the man had been found, shot in the head, near the village of Donja Brnjica on Saturday afternoon.

Post-war Kosovo has been plagued by attacks on Serbs by members of the province's ethnic Albanian majority, angry at years of Serb repression which were brought to an end last June after more than two months of NATO air strikes.

Residents of Donja Brnjica gathered on Sunday to protest against the killing, the Serbian news agency Beta reported.

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