Kosovo child dies playing in minefield, other killings continue

PRISTINA, Mar 13, 2000 -- (Reuters) A landmine killed an Albanian child and wounded five others playing in a marked minefield near the northern town of Kosovska Mitrovica, the NATO-led force KFOR said Sunday in Pristina.

The wounded children, aged between 10 and 15, were treated at the Albanian hospital in Mitrovica after the Saturday accident, said KFOR spokesman Nicholas Naudin.

Meanwhile, four other people died Saturday in separate incidents across the southern Yugoslav province, Naudin said.

Serb Srdjan Peric, 26, was reportedly killed by a mob as he went to work in a field near the central town of Obilic.

The official Yugoslav agency Tanjug reported in Belgrade that Peric was shot by ethnic Albanians, and then killed with an axe, which KFOR did not confirm.

Albanian Hismi Krasniqi, 24, died early Saturday after he was shot in the chest and head near Globovac, in central Kosovo. Police have detained his cousin, Gani Krasniqi, in connection with the killing.

Another Albanian man was shot six times in the Turkish neighborhood of Prizren, in the German sector of southern Kosovo, and died from his wounds, KFOR said.

The body of a fourth man was found Saturday in Lazarevo, near the provincial capital Pristina, but details of an investigation by the UN civilian police were not available.

Finally, a blast ocurred late Saturday near the hospital in the northern, predominently-Serb part of Mitrovica, but no injuries were reported and details on the causes were not available.

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