Serbs stone Danish soldiers in Kosovo

PRISTINA, Mar 10, 2000 -- (Reuters) A crowd of Serbs threw stones at Danish peacekeepers in northern Kosovo on Thursday as the soldiers searched for weapons, the NATO-led KFOR force said.

The Danish soldiers were conducting a house search in the village of Grabovac on Thursday afternoon when a crowd of between 300 and 400 Serbs gathered and tried to stop them, KFOR press officer Lieutenant Christian Lindmeier told Reuters.

Exact details of the resistance offered were still sketchy, Lindmeier said, but the Serbs had at least thrown stones. At least one Serb was injured in the confrontation and taken to hospital but it was not clear how the casualty had been hurt.

French peacekeepers dispatched two companies - each normally numbering about 100 soldiers - to help the Danes and the incident ended after about two hours, Lindmeier said. The soldiers found four rifles during their search.

Grabovac lies just north of the flashpoint city of Mitrovica, where Serbs, Albanians and peacekeepers have clashed several times in the past few weeks.

Serbs hurled stones and snowballs at U.S. soldiers searching apartments in the Serb-dominated north of the ethnically divided city last month. French forces have been attacked several times in the city, where they provide most of the peacekeepers.

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