Nato confirms arrest of Bosnia warcrimes suspect

BRUSSELS, Mar 6, 2000 -- (Reuters) NATO confirmed on Sunday its peacekeeping forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina had arrested Dragoljub Prcac, a Serb indicted for war crimes allegedly committed at the Omarska detention camp during the 1992-1995 civil war.

In a statement, NATO said Prcac was being held pending transfer to the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in the Hague. It gave no word on the timing of the transfer.

Prcac was the deputy commander of the detention camp in northwestern Bosnia in the summer of 1992.

"Dragoljub Prcac is accused of being criminally responsible for the acts of his subordinates in committing crimes against humanity, including murder, torture, rape, inhumane acts and unlawful detention in violation of the laws and customs of war," NATO Secretary-General George Robertson said in the statement.

Robertson said the arrest, the fourth in three months, was a warning to other war criminals still at large that "it is time to turn yourself in".

"There will be no hiding place for anyone accused by the ICTY of these horrific crimes," Robertson said.

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