Body of exiled Bulgarian Queen Mother buried in Italy

ASSISI, Italy, Mar 5, 2000 -- (AFP) Bulgaria's queen mother, Yoanna, who died aged 92 in exile in Portugal last month, was buried on Saturday in Assisi, central Italy, where she married King Boris III 70 years ago.

Yoanna's son, Simeon II, who was crowned king at six years old in 1943 and is still calling for the monarchy to be reinstated, attended the ceremony.

His is currently living in exile in Spain.

The Italian state was represented by the mayor of Assisi.

Yoanna, daughter of Italian King Victor-Emmanuel III, was married in the Assisi basilica in October 1930 to King Boris III who died in 1943.

Born in November 1907, Yoanna fled to Portugal at the end of the second world war. She never returned to her native land.

The Bulgarian royal family was expelled from Bulgaria by the communist authorities in 1946 when the republic was declared.

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