Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey to hold first meeting since WW2

SOFIA, Mar 2, 2000 -- (AFP) The foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey are to hold their first tripartite meeting since World War II, the Bulgarian foreign ministry announced Wednesday.

The ministers -- Nadejda Mikhailova, Georges Papandreou and Ismail Cem of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey respectively -- will meet on March 5.

The meeting would be "an excellent chance for the three countries to demonstrate the strengthening of regional security," Bulgarian foreign ministry spokesman Radko Vlaiko said.

Greece and Turkey are members of NATO and Bulgaria is a candidate country for the second round of EU enlargement, he added.

The three ministers will also discuss economic cooperation and mutual infrastructure projects.

They will travel by helicopter in symbolic visits to three towns -- Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Alexandroupolis in Greece and d'Edirne in Turkey.

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