ITN sues Marxist magazine over Bosnia allegations

LONDON, Feb 29, 2000 -- (Reuters) ITN and two of its reporters took left-wing magazine Living Marxism to the High Court on Monday, seeking libel damages over a slur they claim was cast over their coverage of the Bosnian war.

The editor and publishers of Living Marxism are accused by the television news organization and its reporters Penny Marshall and Ian Williams of libeling them in a February 1997 article headlined "The picture that fooled the world".

At issue is the article, as well as a press release and editorial, published in the wake of ITN's coverage, which included footage of prisoners of war in Bosnia in 1992.

"It is their case that the press release, article and editorial amounted to a highly damaging attack upon their respective reputations and professional integrity," lawyer Tom Shields told the court.

Living Marxism denies libeling ITN and the two reporters, pleading that the publications at the center of the case were justified.

The hearing continues.

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