KFOR firemen battle blaze in center of Kosovo capital

PRISTINA, Serbia, Feb 26, 2000 -- (AFP) Dozens of British, Swedish, Finnish and local fire fighters battled a blaze in the huge sports center in the middle of the provincial capital, Pristina, late Friday.

Firemen did not know what started the blaze at the huge Boro i Ramiz sports complex, but Swedish army fire chief Roger Erikson said there were no known injuries.

The fire broke out in the basement of the complex where market traders store wares varying from paint and matches to jam and propane gas cylinders, he said.

The fire, which broke out at 6:45 p.m. (1745 GMT), caused huge clouds of smoke to billow out across the city center.

Erikson said firefighters, using breathing apparatus, could not venture too far into the complex as the density of the smoke meant the whole building could ignite, causing the roof to cave in.

He said residents of a nearby tower block had been put on standby to evacuate because of the threat from fumes.

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