Fish fly at Romanian embassy

BUDAPEST, Feb 18, 2000 -- (Reuters) Tins of herring shattered the windows of Romania's embassy in Budapest in what was believed to be retaliation for a cyanide spill poisoning Hungary's Tisza River, the Romanian ambassador said on Thursday.

"Last night about 10 o'clock we discovered two broken windows in the embassy and we found out that two cans of herrings were thrown into the windows," Romanian Ambassador Petru Cordos told Reuters.

He said the Romanian cultural center, located near the embassy, received fire threats on the phone in the morning.

Cordos said he had no doubt the incidents were related to the poisoning of the Tisza with cyanide that spilled from a gold smelter in Romania at the end of January.

Hungarian environmental officials have said the spill devastated fish and other life in Hungary's second river.

Cordos said he had brought the incidents to the attention of the Hungarian foreign ministry but suspected the window smashing and fire threats represented "isolated attitudes".

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