Deaths will not stop naming in indictments

THE HAGUE, Feb 9, 2000 -- (Reuters) The U.N. Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal said on Tuesday the deaths of two top politicians would not prevent their names from appearing in any future indictments against other individuals.

The late Croatian President Franjo Tudjman and Yugoslav Defense Minister Pavle Bulatovic, who was gunned down in a Belgrade restaurant on Monday, would not be subject to indictments of their own but could appear in other cases.

"I understand both of them were being looked into. However now that they have passed away they will not be subject to any indictment themselves but they could be named in a future indictment against other individuals," a tribunal spokesman said.

He declined to say who those other individuals may be. Neither Tudjman, who died in hospital in December after a long illness, nor Bulatovic had been named in any indictment, either public or secret, the spokesman said.

Nationalistic leader Tudjman was allegedly involved in the fighting which accompanied the break-up of former Yugoslavia.

His name was mentioned in the case of Bosnian Croat General Tihomir Blaskic, said by prosecutors to be a tool in Tudjman's plan to relegate Moslems to a small and insignificant element in a greater Bosnian Croat state.

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