8 000 men from six countries in KFOR's Northern Brigade

PARIS, Feb 7, 2000 -- (AFP) Around 8,000 people from six countries form the NATO-led multinational brigade which patrols the north of Kosovo including the divided town of Kosovska Mitrovica, scene of recent rioting.

The backbone of the northern brigade of the peace-keeping force KFOR is made up of 3,500 French troops, who control the sector under the command of General Pierre de Saqui de Sannes.

The French contingent comprises a battalion of armored infantry, an engineering battalion and an army light helicopter battalion with around 10 Puma helicopters.

They are supported by 2,000 troops and 14 tanks from the United Arab Emirates, 800 Danish and 750 Belgian armored infantry, 450 Russian paratroopers and a field hospital staffed by 300 Moroccans.

A total of 44,350 people, meanwhile, are involved in KFOR's entire operations, with 38,700 in Kosovo, 1,300 in Albania, and 4,350 working in logistical support from Macedonia.

The force is currently under the command of German General Klaus Reinhardt, head of Landcent, the headquarters of NATO's central European land operations based in Heidelberg, Germany.

Landcent is due to hand over control of the force in spring to Eurocorps, commanded by Spanish General Juan Ortuno.

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