Serb officials slam EU reaction to Austria

BELGRADE, Feb 4, 2000 -- (Reuters) Serbian authorities on Thursday condemned Europe's sharp response to Austria's plans to include a far-right party in its government, calling it the sort of interference they had endured for years.

"All countries in the world will feel the consequences of the creation of the new world order," said Ivica Dacic, spokesman for Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's Socialist Party, referring to U.S. dominance of the post-Cold War world.

"Since this world order has run over Serbia and Yugoslavia it is now the turn of other countries to feel all the aspects of this new world order," he told a news conference.

"Therefore, all that is happening around Austria is only another example of interference in the internal affairs of other countries because it is obvious that anything is possible today in a Europe that serves America and not itself."

The European Union is threatening to isolate Austria over its plans to include Joerg Haider's far-right Freedom Party in a new coalition government.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Vojslav Seselj, whose ultra-nationalist Radical Party is in a coalition with Milosevic's Socialists and the Yugoslav Left headed by his wife, said Europe was wrong to consider sanctions against Austria.

Today's Serbian-dominated Yugoslavia has been under sanctions since 1992 over Milosevic's role in conflicts in Bosnia and Croatia during the breakup of the socialist Yugoslav federation, and then last year in Kosovo.

"We don't have any particular sympathy towards Haider because from what we've heard he didn't have such a positive attitude to the Serbian question," said Seselj, whose party, like Haider's, holds far-right views.

"If he would have changed his stance towards the Serbian question we would have sympathized with him," he said.