Two Kosovo Serbs arrested on war crimes warrant

PRISTINA, Feb 2, 2000 -- (AFP) Two Kosovo Serbs have been arrested by United Nations police in the southwestern town of Velika Hoca on a war crimes warrant, a U.N. police spokesman said Tuesday.

He said the two men were detained on Monday but gave no details.

The Belgrade-based independent agency Beta identified the two as Bogoljub Misic and Stojan Jovanovic, both from Velika Hoca, near the town of Orahovac.

It said they were taken off a convoy trying to leave Orahovac, where up to 2,000 Serbs live in an enclave surrounded by ethnic Albanians.

The area around Orahovac was the scene of heavy fighting between Serbian forces and ethnic Albanian guerrillas last year, leaving hundreds of homes destroyed.

Investigators have also discovered several mass graves in the region, while international peacekeepers of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) have arrested at least five local Serbs on suspicion of war crimes since they replaced Serbian forces last June.

KFOR troops also confiscated a heavy machine gun, a large amount of ammunition, three AK-47 automatic rifles and other sidearms, as well as uniforms, from two Serb houses in the southwestern town of Gjnilane, KFOR said in a statement.

Two men were held as part of the investigation, KFOR said.