Belgrade demands Security Council meeting to halt 'genocide'

BELGRADE, Jan 21, 2000 -- (AFP) Yugoslavia demanded Thursday that the U.N. Security Council meet in urgent session to take measures to halt "genocide" of non-Albanians in Kosovo, the state news agency Tanjug reported.

Deputy Foreign Minister Miroslav Milosevic told foreign diplomats in Belgrade that his government was asking for the meeting under Resolution 1244, which ended the conflict in Kosovo and 11 weeks of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, the agency said.

The resolution defined the conditions for the deployment of the Alliance-led peacekeeping force, KFOR, and administration of the province by the U.N. mission, UNMIK.

"In the last eight months, U.N. resolution 1244 has not been applied and KFOR and UNMIK, violate, in major part deliberately, its basic dispositions," Milosevic said.

Such violations were mostly related to breaches of the "sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yugoslavia," Milosevic added.

He estimated that the KFOR and UNMIK were "entirely responsible for the deteriorating and dangerous development of the situation in Kosovo ... where attacks by (ethnic) Albanian terrorists have multiplied since the deployment of the U.N. forces."

"The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia has asked for an urgent session of the U.N. Security Council, asking the council to undertake without delay measures in accordance with the U.N. Charter and the obligations contained within Resolution 1244 in order to prevent the continuation of genocide against the non-Albanian population in Kosovo," he said.

Milosevic said that 739 people, mostly Serbs, had been killed, 611 kidnapped and 688 reported missing in 3,688 terrorist acts since June 12,1999, when the international force was deployed.

Last November, the Yugoslav government delivered a document to the U.N. Security council in which it has demanded a return of Belgrade's military and police forces to Kosovo, urging the U.N. to end the "terror" committed against the non-Albanian population in Kosovo.

According to the U.N. resolution, a return of "certain" number of Belgrade forces to the province is foreseen, but the exact date for this has not been set.

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