Thaci condemns killing of Bosnian family

TIRANA, Jan 14, 2000 -- (Reuters) Kosovo Albanian leader Hashim Thaci on Thursday condemned the killing of a Bosnian Muslim family in Kosovo, saying it was carried out by forces intent on destabilizing the province.

Thaci, in Tirana to meet Albanian leaders, said the killing in the south-western city of Prizren was a blow to the efforts of Albanian politicians to build democratic institutions in Kosovo in cooperation with the United Nations administration.

He said the attack could have been the work of either Serbs or Albanians.

"The act of violence in Kosovo, the killing of four Kosovo citizens, represents an attack on peace, and has been organized by certain forces that are interested in destabilizing Kosovo," Thaci told Reuters.

"This was a heavy blow but along with the international community we shall overcome it," said Thaci, self-styled premier of Kosovo and co-chairman of its administrative council.

He added the "violence was not individual but it had been organized by structures working to the detriment of Kosovo, peace and the region's security".

International police said they knew of no motive for the attack early on Tuesday in which a family of four Slav-speaking Bosnian Moslems were gunned down.

Members of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority, angry at what they see as collaboration by other minorities such as Bosnians and Roma with the Serbs, have carried out scores of revenge attacks across Kosovo in the past six months.

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