Missing Kosovo Serb found dead, torture evidence reported

PEC, Jan 3, 2000 -- (Reuters) A Serb civilian who had been staying in the Serbian Orthodox Church's patriarchate in the western Kosovo town of Pec was found dead on Sunday after having gone missing on December 17, a priest told AFP.

The official Yugoslav news agency Tanjug quoted an amateur radio station as saying there was evidence the man, who was mentally ill and aged around 30, had been tortured.

The Serb had left the patriarchate, where some 25 others have taken refuge, saying he wanted to walk round the Albanian-majority town and "get a haircut," the priest said.

"The United Nations police told us today that they had found his body," the priest said. The man was to be buried on Monday.

The patriarchate is guarded by Italian soldiers of the Kosovo Force, which protects Orthodox churches and monasteries in all of Kosovo.

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