Budapest Sun
Fishy goings-on

Mch. 2, 2000

Hungary’s national football team found themselves falling into the deep end of the pool when playing an international friendly against Australia’s Socceroos, last Wednesday to launch the new half of the season.

They lost the encounter 3-0, conceding one goal in the first 20 minutes of the game and the third in the last 20 seconds.

But it was after the second goal that fans, presumably having decided Hungary could no longer turn the tide, began to fling dead fish at the Australian team.

Whole fish and body parts were thrown onto the pitch and remained on the playing field while the game continued.

Banners were waved by Hungarian fans reading "In Memoriam Tisza" and "Fish Holocaust", in protest at the cyanide poisoning of the River Tisza by a part Australian owned mine.

14,000 fans had packed into the stadium to see Australia’s Stephen Laybutt (12), Josip Skoko (74) and Craig Moore (90) put the ball into the back of the net.

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