Budapest Sun
Hatred on the rise

Mch. 16, 2000

HAlmost 40% of Hungarians questioned in a recent poll said Hungary should not receive any refugees.

Tárki Social Research Center conducted the report and for the first time, five of its questions were commissioned by the UNHCR.

The poll questioned 1,500 people older than 18 all over the country.

The report indicated that only 5% of the population were willing to receive all refugees, while 38% said that given the choice, they would not allow any into Hungary.

Over half of the people questioned said they would weigh up various factors before deciding who should be accepted into the country when seeking asylum.

Negative attitudes were highest among those indifferent to politics and those without higher education. Those who displayed more tolerance were typically university educated.

"Thirty-eight percent gave what I would call overtly xenophobic answers. The first poll was taken in 1992 and only 19% expressed such views. The highest figures were in '94-'95 when over 40% answered in this way. Generally the figures are increasing," said Endre Sik, co-ordinator of the poll.

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