Budapest Sun
Donations to Tisza

By Tamás S Kiss

Mch. 9, 2000

International donors are promising to give money to help speed up the rehabilitation of the rivers.

The funds will be channeled through the Regional Environmental Center's Tisza Project.

The United States has promised to give an immediate $25,000 each to Romania and Hungary.

The Dutch Government has allocated $20,000, while the British have donated $16,000 and the Japanese $10,000.

US Ambassador to Hungary Peter Tufo and US Ambassador to Romania James Rosapepe made their announcement while meeting with fishermen and local authorities during a visit to Szolnok (a city about 100km east of Budapest with a population of 120,000).

"We must also establish a joint Hungarian-Romanian commission to examine the causes and the cures of this problem," Tufo said, adding that US experts have established three water monitoring stations with equipment worth $650,000 on the Szamos, Hernád and Berettyó rivers to monitor water pollution.

"All of us, Hungarians, Romanians, other Europeans and Americans need to work together to solve the problem," agreed Rosapepe.

At the request of the Hungarian Government the United States has sent an environmental task force to Hungary to gather vital information from fishermen and locals and also to help local experts in their work.

US Army Corp engineers were also sent on request by the Romanians to the Baia Mare in Romania to work together with local environmental officials.

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