Budapest Sun
The business of burning the poisoned fish

Mch. 2, 2000

No compromise has been reached regarding the dispute between the hazardous waste incinerator company Dorogi Hulladékéget¦ Kft (Dorogi) and the Hungarian Government over the elimination of cyanide-poisoned fish.

The incinerator company was told by the Environmental Ministry it would receive the green light for the "cyanide operation" as long as it obtained the required permits (for larger animal waste incineration at the plant) from the health authorities, according to Gábor Deregán, a spokesman at the Environmental Ministry said

However, Dr István Juszku of the Animal health and food control department at the Ministry of Agriculture and regional development said, "They (Dorogi) are not equipped for the elimination of such quantities of animal corpses."

According to the authorities originally Dorogi had proposed to eliminate the fish carcasses for between Ft100 ($0.40) to Ft140 ($0.60) per kilo.

About a week later on national public radio on February 16 Katalin Lúgler, Managing Director of Dorogi Hulladékéget¦ Kft, said that her company would incinerate the poisoned fish "free of charge" considering the seriousness of the situation.

If the Government had to pay for it this would have cost the central budget as much as Ft65 million ($260,000).

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